I Hack Stuff is very famous for its charity work and GHDB (Google Hacking Data Base). I really appreciate Johnny for his charity work in African countries. He proved that hackers are good people too. Let me quote some beautiful lines from this site:

"Picking on charities is just plain rude. Thankfully, that’s not what we’re about. We’re about proving that hackers have amazing skills that can transform charitable organizations. We’re about stepping into the gap to feed and educate the world’s most vulnerable citizens. We are virtual, geographically diverse and different. We are Hackers for Charity."

Currently they are accepting donations. All donated money goes to Kenya food for work program. Actually they will give you back links for your donation. The more you donate the bigger your link will be in the donor cloud. If you are interested in getting involved in this charity mission visit this page

There are many good ways available for you to help Johnny to continue his charity work. Get involved!!!

  • Donate, get linked, feed a child!
  • Donate hardware
  • Fund a computer classroom
  • Join the Informer
  • Donate the journey
Other than this charity work, this site attracts lot of visitors for GHDB. A perfect place for finding “Google Dorks” . Using this database we can find some sensitive and valuable info from Google. The below given are sections covered in Database:

  • Advisories and Vulnerabilities
  • Error Messages
  • Files containing Juicy info
  • Files containing passwords
  • Footholds
  • Pages containing login portals
  • Pages containing network or vulnerability data
  • Sensitive Directories
  • Sensitive Online Shopping Info
  • Various Online Devices
  • Vulnerable Files
  • Vulnerable Servers
  • Web Server Detection
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