Actually this site name is "HackingAlert" but I can say "HackingArticles" is the perfect name for this site because this site is a good source for hacking related articles. This is a perfect place for newbies who have just started learning hacking. Even a non-techie person can understand what hacking is all about. If you would like suggest an article, simply fill out and submit the form available in the site.

They also offer some free stuff like Icons, Web templates, logos and Brouchers. Newsletter subscription is available, sing up to receive some useful tips. I saw few whitepapers here related to hacking incident for commercial gain. When you click on the link, this site redirects you to site to read the newspapers. There are totally four whitepapers link listed out of which two whitepapers are unavailable in techrepublic.

There is one section called "Usefulsites" where they list some sites related to hacking and web designing. We can add our sites to that list for that we need to send mail to There are no rules or restrictions specified there for adding our sites. I saw only five sites listed over there, so I think they are adding the link only if it satisfies their conditions.

This site is monetized well by Adsense, Amazon and other affiliate networks. I'm not sure about their earnings but the adsense ad placement is good especially the text link ad below the header logo. It looks like normal site menu. Visit this site if you want to know some general information about hacking. I'm sure you will get some basic knowledge on hacking.


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