I hope everybody is aware of this site. Progenic is very simple yet informative site. They mainly focus on hacking tools. They have a Forum, News section, Releases ( a thread in the forum) and Top 100(Voting system).

Progenic Forum is very small but the main thing in this forum is release section where members sumbit their tools. Once the tool is approved they list the tool along with tool developer's webpage url in the home page. If you are good in developing hacking tools submit your tool here and I'm sure you will get more visitors to your site. Also there are some good codings available in coding section.

Their news section is not much special. Members use it mostly to advertise their site and I don't find any informative news overthere. Progenic is very popular among hacking communities, this could be one of the reason. If your website is a hacking, security, programming, technology or any computer related website you can submit it to Progenic. To submit you need to register and your site will be listed once it is reviewed by them.


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