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Hack This Site is the best alternative for HBH. I don't find any major difference between these two sites. They look almost similar to each other in services and content they offer. Just like HBH this site is also a best place to learn hacking. They serve over 5,000+ unique visitors per day and over 2.5 million page views per month. Yet another best place to advertise your hacking and security realted site, product and services.

This site have hacking challenges section where you can test your hacking skills. The following challenges are available:

  • Basic missions
  • Realistic missions
  • Application missions
  • Programming missions
  • Logic missions
  • Extbasic missions
  • Javascript missions
  • Stego missions
  • Irc missions
They have news section where they talk about their site updates and articles section where you can find useful articles on various topics. you can even search and submit articles. All the articles have popularity rank. They do give lectures but they use their IRC server for that and members are allowed to give lectures on their favorite topics. I recommend you to read their guidelines for lecture.

If you have any tool/program or if you own any useful site you can submit them to this site. They will list it in the Useful Stuff section after review. There are many useful stuff available so have a look. One interesting thing I noticed here is their store where they sell some products like T-shirts, Wall clock, Coffee mug. All items have HTS logo and I'm really impressed with the design.

HTS Forum is very active and it is pretty big also. Just like HBH, they cover various topics and most of the threads are very active. I always recommend newbies to join hacking forums because there you can learn a lot by interacting with many skilled hackers.

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