Milw0rm is a famous exploit database site. We need to thank /str0ke for maintaining a great site like this. There are so manyexploit database site are there but this is my favorite one because it is very active and frequently updated.

You can even find many zero day exploits here and users are allowed to submit exploits. Finding exploits for a particular software or OS is easy here because of the search option and the categorized exploit database. They have the following exploit category:

1. Highlighted Exploits

2. Remote Exploits

3. Local Exploits

4. Web Application Exploits

5. DOS/POC Exploits

There is a plugin available here for Mozilla Firefox which lets you search on milw0rm exploit database. They also have shellcodes for various platforms. Just like other Hacking websites they also offer articles about hacking covering various topics. It's very hard to find hacking related Video stuffs in web but this site offers many videos which are very helpful.

Another great feature offered is MD5/LM cracker. You can submit your MD5 and LM hashes to crack. Cracked hashes are also available for free download. Addtional features are available for donated users and you can donate any amount. This site have links to many sites. I checked those links and all are hacking related sites.


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