Darkc0de is another best place for beginners to learn hacking. This site has almost everything related to hacking. They have useful papers and tutorials. Just read those those articles and I'm sure you will like it. Site is frequently updated with many useful codes mostly perl/python codes. These codes are harmful in nature. All the papers, articles and codes are available in the homepage itself.

One of the unique features of this site is offering multiple databases and services. The below given are the services and databases they offer.

md5 database - It's an online hash cracker. It searches seven sites and cracked list to crack the hash provided. Cracked hashes are available for download in text format.

Mysql database - It's an online mysql database hash cracker.Currently searches one site to crack the hash. Cracked hashes are available for download in text format.

Proxies - They have a good proxy list. it is in the format Proxy | Port | Type | Country. Most of them are anonymous proxies.

Database Dump - This tools extracts md5's and email addresses from a sql dump file. You need to enter url of DB file.

Encoder/Decoder - This application encodes and decodes ASCII and ANSI text. You can encode a text to binary, hex, base64, dec/char and MD5/checksum. Similiarly decoding is also possible.

Password Generator - It Generates random passwords. You can specify the password length and number of password required.

Tiny url - It's a URL shortening service.

Link Extractor - Enter a url and it will show you the links it have to other pages or sites

Host Lookup - Enter an IP address to find details about that host

Sql Cheat sheets - Have useful commands for the following all DB language

Rot13 En/Decoder - ROT13 replaces each letter by its partner 13 characters further along the alphabet.

Port Check - You can check whether a pariticular port in a server is open or not

Speed Test - A tool from to check the connection speed

Linux Toolbox - A collection of useful Linux commands with description

proxy Test - Checks your proxy connection settings

Port Lookup - It gives details about a particular port.. It searches for services, trojans and worms which uses that port

md5 Generator - Generates md5 hashes based on the input

They too have forums and it is very active. It covers many topics right from basic to advance topics. Registration required to use the forum. email address ( is available for a price of $10. This site welcomes advertisers and the payment is $1 for 1 day and $5 for 7 days. You can even advertise through Adbrite. They have a store where they sell Stickers, Keyboard Stickers, Hardware and Books.


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