In my previous post we saw about online Nmap port scanner. There is one more interesting site called Hacker Target. They offer online Nmap port scanning and also few more vulnerability scanners. Here is the list of scanners available

  • Nmap Port Scan
  • OpenVas Vulnerability Scan
  • SQL Injection Scan using SQLiX and sqlmap
  • Nikto Web Server Scan
  • Joomla Security Scan
  • Sub Domain Scanner

They are free service but there are some limitations. We just have to enter target IP and our email address. Result will be delivered directly to your inbox within a short period time. To avoid abuse of the service they have Vulnerability Scan Subscription. You can perform unlimited scanning if you subscribe for 1 month (4.99$) or for a year (29.99$)

Full Vulnerability Assessment is performed by this site for a fee of 150$ per server. I would like try their service but I don’t have any server LOL. There are few white papers available which is all about hacking and security. It’s a good site and it has good potential. We can expect more sites like this in future.


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