What if you get all the hacking and security related tools bundled as a single pack for free? Welcome to Remote-Exploit! home of the world’s finest and famous Linux security distro. Back Track is the one of the famous and widely used Linux distros for Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment. It’s an open source and contains valuable tools which you never even know they are there!

There are many volunteers behind the development of backtrack. Backtrack is the result of merging the two innovative penetration testing live Linux distributions Auditor and Whax. I recommend you to check the free projects section as there many useful tools out there. They have developed several "Offensive Security" courses which will teach you how to get the most out of Backtrack and the included tools. is there online training service site. These courses were developed for System Administrators and Security Professionals who want to learn how to get the most out of Backtrack. They also provide in-house training. If you want to start learning about backtrack, first check the backtrack wiki documentation and the other place to check is Offensive Security blog where they discuss about backtrack and other security stuff. Well, there is one more good place to start that is backtrack forum.

Backtrack 3 is the stable release and backtrack 4 beta version is available for download. If you have planned to move to BT4 check this PDF and also this video. Basically you can learn and master this tool quickly if you have good knowledge in Linux. If you are newbie then you are few steps behind but still you can learn it. All you need is hard work and interest.


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