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Well this is my first post and I'm gonna review one of my favorite site HBH(Hell Bound Hackers). This is a good site with tons of useful stuffs preloaded. This is the best place for learning real hacking. I said real hacking, yes you have heard the right thing. If you are a newbie this is a right place for you to start. They have a news section in the home page where you can get current hacking and security related information.

This site currently have 42010+ members and the count is increasing day-by-day. You need to register here to get access to all features. They also offer Exclusive Membership for just £1.00 GBP per month. I really recommend you to get a Exclusive Membership there which unlocks some juicy features.

They offer two service, Penetration Testing and Website Development. Its really worth trying their service since they are experts. If you are writing any article or conducting a Radio show about hacking and security, don't hesitate to contact them. They may help you free of cost but you need to mention their website in your article or radio show.

If you are conducting any IT training or security class HBH offers trainers to conduct training sessions. Contact for more information. They offer a good advertising opportunity. This site is receiving 4,000-5,000 unique visitora/day and 30,000 page views every day. You can advertise your site or product here. They do offer cpanel to monitor your advertising campaign.

As I said earlier, This site have lots of useful stuffs to learn. They provide articles, lessons and codes. They have forum as well as IRC which covers wide variety of topics. From my experience, HBH members are very helpful.All what you have to do is post your queries in right place and you will get a response soon. There are some good useful videos under HBH Podcasts. Don't miss it !

The best part of this site is "Hacking Challenges". I really like this part just because they are very hard to complete and you have to think a lot. The below given are the challenges:

HellBoundHackers Exploit:

* Basic Web Hacking
* Application Cracking
* Javascript Hacking
* Realistic Challenges
* Rooting Challenges
* Flash Challenges
* Pen-Testing Challenges

HellBoundHackers Programming:

* Timed Challenges

HellBoundHackers Think:

* Encryption
* Logical
* Stegano

HellBoundHackers Track:

* Tracking

HellBoundHackers Patch:

* Web Patching
* App Patching

HellBoundHackers Other:

* Other Challenges
* S. Engineering

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